The REV Formula

Having worked with many small businesses, we utilize industry best strategies that allow for results for our clients, while understanding that a 1 size fits all approach doesn’t work, creating a package with the right components of these best strategies.

Ready to scale your business?

Our custom-tailored marketing solutions will help you dominate your digital space.


Amplify Your Business Growth

Sales and revenue are the lifeblood of small businesses. We will create a custom-tailored marketing solution designed to help your business dominate its digital space.

We Start By Analyzing The Following

  • Your current marketing tools and business goals
  • Diving into establishing your brand identity to budgeting and driving revenue
  • Discovering data-driven solutions that provide actionable insights into growth
  • Discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals
Maximize your ability to grow and scale, with tailored marketing solutions that attract, nurture, and close as many customers as possible.


Helping Small Businesses Thrive

Founder & CEO Ben Cummings is on a mission to help small businesses streamline and innovate how they grow their business with proven methods and systems to scale.

He pulls from a background in entrepreneurship with leading and exiting 2 successful companies and a mix of sales jobs ranging from a Fortune 60 company to successful startups. 

With the help of a small team of growth experts that includes conversion copywriters, marketing strategists, graphic designers, content creators, and developers, Sales Rev is equipped to tackle the business objective at hand.